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    Some things about us

    We are a small family breeder In Kennesaw, Georgia whose goal it is to produce great-tempered pomeranian puppies from our family to yours. Our parent Poms are all registered Pomeranians that range is size from 4 1/2 - 8 lbs (females) and 5 -9 lbs (male). All parents are here with us so that you may meet with them and experience both temperments from which your puppy was created. You will feel confident knowing that our Pomeranian puppies come from a loving and warm environment, already used to the activity of babies, kids and...cats! Our litters are always born and raised inside our home with the rest of us. 

    Not everyone can tell you that. 

    Clean Bill of Health

     Because our pups are raised inside our home, they are not exposed to illness or diseases found outdoors and in crowded, filthy kennel conditions. The puppy nest is kept clean using disposable puppy pads and our Pomeranian parents are always heealthy and up to date on their vaccines. In addition, when you take home a puppy from us, he/she will have already had their first checkup with our Veterinarian who will de-worm and give any vaccines intended for their age. 

    Why Choose Us?

    At Cream-Puffs Pomeranian Puppies, our objective is to breed a more affordable, healthy, affectionate puppy. Our litters are kept right in our sunroom with ample space to romp and bounce. Each one our pups are held, loved on and played with daily to ensure the lap tendencies most people desire in a small breed dog. Because we get to know our puppies so intimately, we can guide you to a puppy who best matches the personality you may be searching for.  

    Litter of 5 born July 9, 2018

    New Mother

    Sofie is our "lap-dog" pet. She is submissive to people and our 3 other Poms, except when she has a new litter with her, then she turns on her little bear to all  other pets who dare take a peek. This will be her 3rd litter of Pomeranian puppies.

    2 Days Old

    New Father

    Chester  is our main breeding male.  Bathe, brush or clip his nails...No Problem! He was born with a very docile personality. He is quite calm to be around and has sired several litters of mild tempered puppies. 

    Litter Info

    BORN  July  9, 2018

    Adult size approximately 5-7 lbs. 1st shots and worming performed at our vet with health check and records provided. See available puppies pictures at top of page in main menu.



    Corey K reviewed cream-puffs Puppies — 5 star FACEBOOK@ cream-puffs Pomeranian Puppies)

    October 22 · 

    I met "Jack" by a stroke of luck and had to take him home the next day. The puppies were out in the yard playing and their parents in the back, so the entire process felt very personal and the amount of love and care really shows. Contact was quick and regular and the transaction itself was smooth and professional. PayPal accepted as well. Thank you again for allowing us to bring this blessing into our home.


    Judith R reviewed Cream-Puffs Puppies — 5 star FACEBOOK@( cream-puffs Pomeranian Puppies)

    October 6 · 

    Momma and Puppies are well kept in the family's sunroom off the kitchen. A whole room just for their needs. They are clean, happy and healthy. Myself and my best friend just picked one out each for ourselves. We are happy to have found this family to get a puppy from and highly recommend them for their professional and courteous nature. Yes, This is definately a referral!

    LeAnn Weber P reviewed Cream-Puffs Puppies — 5 star FACEBOOK@( cream-puffsPomeranian Puppies)

    July 2 · 

    We have been working with Jodie since Feb picking the perfect puppy to adopt for our daughter Emily. "Bailey" is our 10 week old puppy we got from Jodie at Pennys Pomeranian Puppies! She is the most beautiful, sweet, and loving puppy! Her coat is so thick and soft. She is so loving and very smart! She has been doing extraordinary with her training, sleeps well at night and even walking on a leash! We are beyond grateful to Jodie for helping make this dream come true for our daughters.


    Ansley A reviewed Cream-Puffs Puppies — 5 star FACEBOOK@( cream-puffs Pomeranian Puppies)

    October 18 · 

    so happy that i made this decision to get my sweet pup, he’s truly the best � 10/10 would recommend getting a sweet pup from here!


    Whitney S reviewed Cream-Puffs Puppies— 5 star FACEBOOK@( cream-puffs Pomeranian Puppies)

    August 18 · 

    Our sweet Penelope is the best puppy! We cannot imagine our life without her. Highly recommend if you are looking for a sweet, smart, amazing fluff baby!!!


    Amanda P reviewed Cream Puffs Puppies — 5 star  FACEBOOK @( cream-puffs Pomeranian Puppies)

    June 25 · 

    Very happy with our precious baby! Highly recommend!

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    Cream-Puffs Puppies

    Kennesaw, Georgia, United States


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