Breeder reviews and happy stories

Jadde Y. of Alabama

Abbey D. of North Carolina

Abbey D. of North Carolina


Jadde searched online reviews for several months to find a Pomeranian breeder with a "real" puppy for her deserving little kids. Thanks to good timing, she made a reservation that would hold the first born female out of our next expectant Mama. I'd say  those little kiddies look very happy indeed!!

Abbey D. of North Carolina

Abbey D. of North Carolina

Abbey D. of North Carolina


At first, Abbey contacted us about wanting one male from our next born litter. But upon receiving our video texts of each of the babies being born, she decided in an instant to take our littlest female as well!  Made the long drive to Atlanta and how about that...TWO puppies for Christmas! So happy to be her breeder!

Patty K. of Georgia

Abbey D. of North Carolina

Jan B. of South Carolina


A few months after the loss of her "Buffy",  Patty made the decision to adopt "Belle"... and Belle is a very pampered pooch. This pup has her very own playroom stocked with plush bedding, toys galore  and a red carpet wardrobe! 

You've got it all little girl!!

Jan B. of South Carolina

Jan B. of South Carolina

Jan B. of South Carolina


After reading our reviews, Jan arranged to come to the house just to take a peek at our two available puppies. She had no idea that she would be leaving that same day with this angel of a boy and one of my favorites. Just look at that that angel face!!  That's exactly how he hooked her.

Penny and baby

Jan B. of South Carolina

Pretty Parti Puppy


Happy Mama looking on at her baby.

Only for a quick moment or Mama will get anxious! Penny has always been willing to share her babies...

if only for a moment.

Pretty Parti Puppy

Jan B. of South Carolina

Pretty Parti Puppy

Fluffy Black and White Parti Pomeranian Puppy

Gorgeous 8 week old baby girl. Looking like a Champion Already!

Out of Sofie and Chester,

Sofie is our Black & Tan Mama.

Chester White/Cream Parti.

Pomeranian Breeder near Atlanta.




Corey K reviewed cream-puffs Puppies — 5 star FACEBOOK@ cream-puffs Pomeranian Puppies)

October 22  2017· 

I met "Jack" by a stroke of luck and had to take him home the next day. The puppies were out in the yard playing and their parents in the back, so the entire process felt very personal and the amount of love and care really shows. Contact was quick and regular and the transaction itself was smooth and professional. PayPal accepted as well. Thank you again for allowing us to bring this blessing into our home.



Judith R reviewed Cream-Puffs Puppies — 5 star FACEBOOK@( cream-puffs Pomeranian Puppies)

October 6 2016 · 

Momma and Puppies are well kept in the family's sunroom off the kitchen. A whole room just for their needs. They are clean, happy and healthy. Myself and my best friend just picked one out each for ourselves. We are happy to have found this family to get a puppy from and highly recommend them for their professional and courteous nature. Yes, This is definitely a referral!

White and Beige Pomeranian Puppy

LeAnn Weber P reviewed Cream-Puffs Puppies — 5 star FACEBOOK@( cream-puffsPomeranian Puppies)

July 2 , 2016· 

We have been working with Jodie since Feb picking the perfect puppy to adopt for our daughter Emily. "Bailey" is our 10 week old puppy we got from Jodie at Pennys Pomeranian Puppies! She is the most beautiful, sweet, and loving puppy! Her coat is so thick and soft. She is so loving and very smart! She has been doing extraordinary with her training, sleeps well at night and even walking on a leash! We are beyond grateful to Jodie for helping make this dream come true for our daughters.



Ansley A reviewed Cream-Puffs Puppies — 5 star FACEBOOK@( cream-puffs Pomeranian Puppies)

October 18 2017· 

I am just so happy that I made this decision to get my sweet pup, he’s truly the best!!!  10/10, I would recommend getting a sweet pup from here!



Whitney S reviewed Cream-Puffs Puppies— 5 star FACEBOOK@( cream-puffs Pomeranian Puppies)

August 18 2017 · 

Our sweet Penelope is the best puppy! We cannot imagine our life without her. Highly recommend if you are looking for a sweet, smart, amazing fluff baby!!!



Rodriguez Family reviewed Cream-Puffs Puppies — 5 star  FACEBOOK @( cream-puffs Pomeranian Puppies)

August 24 2018 · 

Jodie is amazing! She is a conscientious and reputable breeder who truly cares for her pups and the families who will adopt them. With regular updates and photos of our sweet girl, we were able to watch our puppy, Roslin, grow and change!